Colophon and tools

This site was designed by Patrick J. Lynch of Yale University's Center for Advanced Instructional Media, and Sarah Horton of Dartmouth College's Academic Computing.
Typeface used is Times New Roman or Times Roman. Illustration labels are set in Geneva, Verdana, or Arial.

These are the tools we used to create this site. Unless otherwise noted, the software is Macintosh OS.
This site was created primarily with various Macintosh OS computers, and a Dell Dimension 486/66 machine running Windows95.

HTML editing, writing, text editing

BBEdit 4.0, from Bare Bones Software.

Web browser

Netscape 3.0 (Mac & Windows95)

Creating image maps

WebMap 1.0.1

Image editing

Adobe Photoshop 3.0 & 4.0 (Mac & Windows95)

Studio8 2.0

DeBabelizer 1.6.5


StuffIt Deluxe


Adobe Premiere 4.0


Fetch 3.0

CuteFTP (Windows95)