Web Style Guide third edition

by Patrick J. Lynch
and Sarah Horton


From its inception in 1994, the principal aim of Web Style Guide has been to provide a thorough and accessible guide to web design for developers around the world. Despite the availability of a book version of the guide, we have deliberately chosen to continue to make the web site materials freely available. Web Style Guide Online contains the full text and illustrations from the printed third edition of Web Style Guide.

All materials included on the site are copyright © 2017 Lynch and Horton, all rights reserved. You are more than welcome to link to our site. You may print or download any number of pages from the site for personal use. You may print and distribute the equivalent of one chapter from this web site as long as the printouts include attribution and the page URL. However, you should consider that purchasing our book is an inexpensive and much more convenient alternative for using this content on paper.

You may excerpt up to three graphics and up to 2,000 words from the site in your print and Web publications as long as you include attribution. For more information about using materials from the site please contact Sarah Horton at sarah.horton@gmail.com.